Shirai Ryo (白井 涼) is a model who has competed in four SASUKE tournaments starting in SASUKE 20. While he never been fully shown, his results are known from digests and from his blog. In his first attempt in SASUKE 20, he was digested, but it was shown that he failed the Half-Pipe Attack by falling off the far side, like many others that day.

He returned in SASUKE 21 wearing #61. Although he was completely cut from the broadcast, he writes in his blog his account. [1] In his run, he cleared the first five obstacles with little trouble, including the Half-Pipe Attack that took him out in SASUKE 20. When he got to the Soritatsu Kabe, he failed there several times. He was finally able to clear there with little time left. He then got to the Flying Chute. He was able to safely get to the rope but timed out with one hand on the net under the Flying Chute.

He also competed in SASUKE 22, where he wore #86 and was digested. There he was shown to have made it to the Rope Ladder, meaning he was one of only a few to clear the new Slider Jump. He made it to the Rope Ladder with about six seconds left and timed out a meters higher up.

He returned in SASUKE 25. There he received #77 from the lottery. In the broadcast, it was shown that he made it to the Jump Hang, grabbed the net for a second and then fell to the water.


SASUKE # Result Notes
20 Failed Half-Pipe Attack (First Stage) Digest. Failed landing
21 61 Failed Flying Chute (First Stage) All Cut. Time Out
22 86 Failed Rope Ladder (First Stage) Digest. Time Out
25 77 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage) Digest


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