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Shinobi Hashigo (忍梯子) was the final obstacle of KUNOICHI's First Stage for every tournament excluding the KUNOICHI 2 and 8 onwards. It was renamed as the Dashutsu Nawa (脱出縄) from KUNOICHI 3 onward.

Similar in function to SASUKE's Heavenly Ladder, competitors had to climb a five meter ladder (ten meters for KUNOICHI 1) and reach the button at the top before time expired. This obstacle was replaced by the Shomouheki due to the course reboot in KUNOICHI 8.

KUNOICHI 1 Version

Kikuchi Tamako on Hashigo , KUNOICHI 1

This version of Shinobi Hashigo is most commonly thought of as a wooden ladder by most; however in the first competition, the ladder was made of very thin metal.

This version appeared to be much more difficult than the version that appeared in later tournaments, likely due to being twice the length as its future version and the fact the ladder would sway heavily at certain parts of the obstacle, making climbing more of struggle.

In addition, competitors had to climb over a small structure before being able to press the button, a feature rectified in future tournaments. This version only featured two clears, however only five attempted it due to the course's extreme difficulty.


In the third tournament, Shinobi Hashigo returned, replacing the Dashutsu Bou with a new name called Dashutsu Nawa. Unlike the original version, this new ladder was half of its original height at five meters long. In addition, it was no longer metal, with the steps being made of wood and the sides being made of rope. This version became similar in design to the Heavenly Ladder of SASUKE.

This proved to ease the difficulty of the obstacle by making the ladder swing all at once as opposed to just certain parts of the ladder swaying. To finish this version, competitors would come through a hole and climb onto a platform to reach the button. This allowed competitors to reach the end of the course faster and resulted in far less time outs.

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNIOCHI Clears Attempts Percentage
1 2 5 40%
3 14 15 93.33%
4 8 10 80%
5 6 7 85.71%
6 11 13 84.62%
7 4 4 100%
Total 45 54 83.33%