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Shōei (照英) is an actor and model who attempted SASUKE three times. He reached Stage Three in SASUKE 8, his final SASUKE tournament.

He made his debut in SASUKE 6, wearing #89, where he failed the Jump Hang. He caught the net, but accidentally lost his grip swinging down it and fell into the water after a few seconds.

In SASUKE 7, he wore #70, beating the Jump Hang and Soritatsu Kabe, but timed out on the Rope Climb, just a few feet from the buzzer. Before he ran, he was shown laughing at Akira's fail just like in SASUKE 6, but this time he was shown saying, "What a fail!".

In SASUKE 8, Shōei was given #81 and performed much better than his other two runs. He beat the First Stage by a close call, only 0.1 seconds from timing out. After that, he flew through the Second Stage and cleared it with 9.3 seconds left. However, in the Third Stage, he beat the Propeller Untei, but fell on the Body Prop because his grip gave away. He has not competed in SASUKE since then.

Shōei's real name is Takahashi Teruhide (高橋 照英).




Result Notes
6 89 Jump Hang (First Stage) Lost his grip.
7 70 Rope Climb (First Stage) Timed Out.
8 81 Body Prop (Third Stage)