Satake Hiromi, a former sumo wrestler who has competed in seven KUNOICHI tournaments. She has never cleared the first obstacle, a feat similar to Yasuo Aoki in SASUKE. She came closest to completing the first obstacle in KUNOICHI 7 where she made it to the final step of the Tobii Sou, however failed to make the dismount and slid into the water.


KUNOICHI # Result Notes
1 20 Failed Buyoishi (First Stage)
2 20 Failed Buyoishi (First Stage)
3 51 Failed Buyoishi (First Stage)
4 51 Failed Buyoishi (First Stage)
6 34 Failed Fuyuu Sou (First Stage)
7 21 Failed Tobii Sou (First Stage)
8 Failed Fuansou (First Stage)
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