Satō Hiromichi (佐藤 弘道) is a Japanese television show host who has competed in all the Shin-SASUKE tournaments. Satō debuted in SASUKE 18, where he performaned very well compared to most competitors. He easily defeated the first six obstacles, including the new Jumping Spider. However on the Flying Chute, he slid down at a very fast speed and tried to grab the rope with his hands causing him to crash into the water. Satō returned in SASUKE 19, wearing #99, his highest number to date. He then shocked the crowd when he slipped on the Log Grip. In SASUKE 20, Satō pulled his revenge on the Log Grip and Flying Chute but lost too much time on the Soritatsu Kabe and timed out before he could attempt the Tarzan Rope. His troubles with the Soritatsu Kabe continued, as Satō timed out on it in SASUKE 21. But prior to SASUKE 22, he trained on Shiratori Bunpei's model of that obstacle and cleared it in one shot. He became the fifth and final person to clear that day. He advanced to Stage Two where he failed the Metal Spin. In SASUKE 23 since there were high expectations Satō received #98. However, he slipped on the walls of the Jumping Spider, an obstacle he had never failed before.

In SASUKE 24 Satō wore #97 and completed the Jumping Spider that took him out in SASUKE 23 and the first stage a second time with plenty of time left. In the Second Stage he faced the new addition of the Salmon Ladder connected to the Unstable Bridge and managed to complete both. After having no problems with the new Balance Tank he faced the Metal Spin, but failed the obstacle a second time. Satō had a grip on the chain of the Metal Spin but his grip reduced to hanging on with one arm to finally letting go. Nevertheless this arguably was his best performance yet for clearing the first stage with more time left than in SASUKE 22 and almost completing the Metal Spin.

After missing SASUKE 25, Satō returned for SASUKE 26 and wore #91. He was able to clear the first two obstacles and the deadly Rolling Escargot, but similarly to All-Stars Yamada Katsumi and Nagano Makoto, he failed the Jumping Spider by not getting far enough in the walls. Sato Hiromochi is the only person to be granted #99 after failing the First Stage in the previous tournament.

In SASUKE 29, he shocked everybody when he failed the very first obstacle, the Long Jump.


Satō competed in VIKING 3 and wore #100,his highest number to date in VIKING.He also cleared the First Marine Stage, but failed on the Color Fusion in the Second Adventure Stage because he answered that red and yellow make green when mixed (they make orange).

Other programs

Satō hosted "Muscle Channel", a show that featured several SASUKE competitors such as Yamada Katsumi and Nagasaki Shunsuke. He also competed on Viking, clearing the First Stage but failing on the Second Stage's Color Fusion. Also, he competed on Celebrity Viking, making it to the Final Stage (Celebrity Viking is a VS format) and becoming the ultimate champion beating other competitors that competed in SASUKE such as Passion Yara, TERU, and Bobby Ologun. And he also received kanzenseiha on Viking Celebrity and Viking Family 2 with his child.



SASUKE # Result Notes
18 Failed Flying Chute (First Stage)
19 99 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)
20 1996 Failed Tarzan Rope (First Stage) Time Out.
21 81 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Time Out.
22 90 Failed Metal Spin (Second Stage)
23 98 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
24 97 Failed Metal Spin (Second Stage)
26 91 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) His left foot slipped while on the Spider Walk section.
29 94 Failed Long Jump (First Stage) His feet skimmed the water.


VIKING # Result Notes
3 100 Failed Color Fusion (Second Adventure Stage) Incorrectly said Red + Yellow = Green.
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