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AI stands for Accurate Information. Things on this list should be the basis for what sources are allowed to be used for articles, ensuring "accurate information."

Permitted Sources

The following types of information are permitted as accurate information for an article.

Competition Broadcasts

The bulk of information obtained by contributors comes directly from the actual competition broadcasts. Specifically, the original SASUKE broadcast in Japan; which is later supplemented by re-runs of Ninja Warrior on G4.

Seeing as how Sasukepedia is built around these competitions, any information obtained from a broadcast is automatically considered as accurate and reliable information.

Production & Broadcast Companies

Information coming out from the production or broadcast companies that have official ties to the competition, such as TBS, Monster9, or G4 – is also considered as accurate and reliable information. They are the official creators, owners, broadcasters, and/or distributors of the competitions that we document. Information released by them regarding competitions, obstacles, or in some cases, even the competitors themselves – is official and accurate information.

Such information may include:

  • Televised interviews (pre or post competition broadcast)
  • News articles with official statements.
  • Press releases by official sources.
  • Email or letter correspondence with officials.

Competitor Discussion

Information obtained by competitors themselves can be both accurate and false at the same time. Under most circumstances, competitors are bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and can't speak of what they saw/did while at the competition until the date of broadcast. However, sometimes the company in control of the NDA will lift certain restrictions covered by the NDA, such as speaking about when they went, and how they felt their experience was overall, without exactly giving out details about other competitors or the competition by itself.

Under most circumstances, Sasukepedia considers this information to be accurate until proven otherwise by aforementioned sources noted above.

Such information may include:

  • Televised interviews (pre or post competition broadcast)
  • News articles with regard to the competitor.
  • Email or letter correspondence with the competitor.
  • Social networking correspondence with the competitor.
  • Information obtained from a competitor's personal site or blog.

Not Permitted

The following types of information are not permitted on Sasukepedia as "accurate information" for an article. As noted above, we strive for confirmed, accurate information, and any of the following below does not meet that criteria.

Please see the Do Not Post policy for more comprehensive information on what can be classified as not permitted information that is not outlined above as permitted, or below as not permitted.

Other prohibitions enforced by this policy

Content which violates the Wikia Terms of Use is not acceptable on this wiki. Furthermore, the following are restricted (see Help:Prohibited content):

  • Pornography, adult or mature content
  • Violent content
  • Excessive profanity
  • Gambling or casino-related content
  • Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content
  • Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others


  • Monster9 and it's sports entertainment related shows are of Japanese origin. As such, names of competitions, competitors, obstacles, etc - may be written in Japanese romanji.
  • One possible exception is quoted material pasted from a part of a page where the author simply would not or could not translate it. If this content is on-topic and otherwise not available on Sasukepedia, it is a candidate for translation — or removal as part of the regular editing process.
  • The template {{silly}} (nor any other template) does not prevent an article from being subject to the AI or DNP policies.


Content which does not qualify as AI should be edited out, or if the entire page is AI content, tagged for speedy deletion. If you cannot edit out the content, you should tag the page with {{Violation}}.

Users who persist in posting inaccurate information, or information covered by the DNP policy, may have action taken against them per the vandalism policy.

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