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The Sasukepedia language is English (all styles). See Do-Not-Post policy.

  • Articles should be kept concise, summarizing and objectively presenting the facts directly relevant to the topic.
  • As far as possible, avoid repeating information in other articles. For example, an article on Nagano Makoto can simply state that he was reigning champion during the Shin-SASUKE era, without duplicating the content of that article.
  • Large sections of copied source text are discouraged, as they tend to make articles overly long, create repetition, contain much information that isn't directly relevant, and are problematic to update. Use links!
  • See the Sasukepedia Manual of Style for guidelines on writing style.


Citations to an official source should be included where appropriate in the form of a link. Following the policy of preferring internal links, the link would ideally be to an internal page containing a complete transcription of the source, clearly identified as Source Text. This should also allow for easier verification and citation of sources.

For the Sasukepedia guidelines on providing citations, see Sasukepedia:Citation.

Other policies on writing

Most of the writing policy is written as subsections:

Do Not Post

Competitions, Competitors, and Obstacles

Fan speculation

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