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This page is considered a guideline on Sasukepedia.

It illustrates standards of conduct, which many editors agree with in principle. However, it is not policy.

All new members of Sasukepedia should be Welcomed to make sure they know what to do and where to go when they join. If you are new, please look away if you do not want the magic to be ruined, as welcomes are not generally personal.

What a Welcome consists of

A welcome consists of placing the welcome template on a talk page.

{{welcome}} produces:



Hi, welcome to Sasukepedia Wiki! Thanks for your contributions.

Here's a wiki tip for you -- you can sign your name on talk/discussion pages by typing ~~~~ which automatically adds your signature and the date.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything!

To welcome a user, put either {{welcome}} or {{subst:signedwelcome|<your_username>}} on a new user's discussion page. You may also put {{subst:welcome}} ''Again, welcome!''--~~~~ on the page if you feel it is easier. The "Again, welcome!" message can be personalized, if you feel it is appropriate.

Wikia is a bot that automatically welcomes new users after they have made at least one edit, and their talk page has not been created yet, be it with another welcome or not. Note that even a manual welcome may be delayed or missed if the talk page is created with something before a welcome.

Wikia leaves the following message after the welcome template in the place of "Again, welcome!":

"Please leave a message on [[User talk:<Last Administrator to make an edit>|my talk page]] if I can help with anything! --<Signature of last Administrator to make an edit, and date>"

Deciding Who to Welcome

It would be simple just to welcome every new user (which the bots do), but some of the new users are vandals or spam bots, so we want to be a little bit careful about screening who we welcome.

Basic criteria for who to welcome
  • More than one contribution with at least one significant contribution (a few lines of text).
    • More than just adding stat numbers, a few external links (sometimes these are self-serving to get traffic to their sites), or spelling and minor editing corrections.
    • Contributions to shared articles and not just player, guild or server pages.
  • No vandals or spammers.
    • You might want to take a quick scan of the known vandals list and their recent contributions to make sure you're not welcoming vandals.

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