This To Do List is an on-going project that determines what content on the wiki should be considered "under construction" based upon the wiki's current state.

Priority 1 Issues

  • Update all pages to the new format.
Currently, everything needs to be updated to the Standard Editing Procedure's standards. This essentially includes most if not all competition, competitor, announcer, obstacle, and event pages. Even some of the competition pages need to be updated to this format, though most of the later Sasuke competitions adhere to the new standards.

Major Issues

  • Update all pages with new data from new competitions.
We have a good amount of pages that need to be updated per-competition that haven't been updated when new information comes in from broadcasts or other sources. The competitions, the competitors, the announcers, and the obstacles or events (pending show) for practically every show (even Sasuke) needs to be updated to account for new competition data.

Minor Issues

  • Update all infobox templates to the new infobox templates. Redirect the title of the templates from and to the following:
    • Infobox competition to simply just Competition
    • Infobox competitor to simply just Competitor
    • Infobox announcer to simply just Announcer
    • Infobox obstacle to simply just Obstacle
    • Infobox editor to simply just Editor
  • Update all results tables from "wikitable" or "wikitable sortable" to "wikitable sortable zebra". This will allow users to quickly see which statistic they would prefer to see in an easier, dynamic sorting fashion, as well as automatically alternating the color-scheme of each row. This removes the need to specify a background color style in each row, except for clears, those still require a background color to specify the color we use for clears.

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