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Naming conventions for specific article types

Personal articles

Main article: SP:PA

Personal articles, including almost all speculation articles, results, etc – should be located as subpages of the author's user page.

Other articles

Shortcut: SP:NOA

All other articles should have the first word capitalized (this is unavoidable) and any additional words in lowercase. The exception is that proper nouns are always capitalized. For example, Help:Starting a new page.

These articles should also not include definite or indefinite articles ("the" and "a/an") at the beginning of the page name. For example, use Shin Sedai to refer to the group, not The Shin Sedai. There is an important exception to this rule: "the", "a" or "an" is included when it would be capitalized if it appeared in text. This applies to, news articles, shows, etc.

Additional naming rules


Shortcut: SP:NPL

Normally, all articles are named in the singular form.

Exceptions to this rule:

  • Names that are always plural, such as the Arm Rings.
  • Articles that are lists, e.g. List of SASUKE competitions. This may cause extra work in attempting to say "SASUKE has 25 [[List of SASUKE competitions|competitions]]", but the suggestion is to set up "competitions" as a redirect to "List of SASUKE competitions" if there is no page or template describing the general amount of competitions.

Parenthetical text

Parenthetical text to distinguish page names, such as in First Stage (KUNOICHI), should generally be in lower case. Only capitalize it if it is a proper name, title, or acronym.

As for code in linking to each of these, you can type [[First Stage (KUNOICHI)|]] and arrive at these two links: First Stage. The parser will appropriately cosmetically drop what is found in parentheses.

Subpages and namespaces

For the purpose of capitalization, after the colon for a namespace is considered the start of the article title. For example, Sasukepedia:Policy. Additionally each subpage is considered the start of an article name. For example, Sasukepedia:Naming policy not Sasukepedia:Naming policy.

Category names

Main article: Sasukepedia:Category policy

Category names are put into sentence case, much as in article names, except with proper nouns.

Plurality and case redirects

  • In cases where you feel that visitors are likely to type in a plural name directly in the URL, it is perfectly acceptable to create a redirect, e.g. Double Salmon LadderSalmon Ladder.
  • For "simple" items, it is also perfectly acceptable to create a lower-case redirect, e.g. sasuke all-starsSASUKE All-Stars. Note that the case of the first letter is ignored in the wiki software: cliffhanger is the same as Cliffhanger, no redirect necessary.
Icon-exclamationRedirects of category pages are never allowed according to the category policy.

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