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Sasukepedia has a strong commitment to remain within the appropriate legal boundaries for a proper wiki hosted on Wikia. This leads to the ultimate consequence that contributors of Sasukepedia are under no circumstance allowed to add information or pictures to the encyclopedia which Monster9 or Tokyo Broadcasting System wouldn't like to be out in the public. Usually Monster9 does not mind, but when a competition is taped and in post-production a non-disclosure agreement (abbreviated to NDA) is enforced that all participating which obliges all participating users to abide by strict rules until the broadcast date.

Both Monster9 & TBS, as well as G4, have previously shown that it will enforce its NDAs. Most SASUKE and related shows uploaded to Youtube, are usually removed by copyright claims from any of the three parties.

Any content obtained from any Monster9 show under an NDA is unreleased material as discussed in the DNP policy, and action may be taken against accounts which persist in posting such information. Please bear in mind that content obtained by individuals who have not agreed to the NDA is also covered by this policy and will be treated the same way.

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