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Uploading images

  • Always upload images for display to the wiki. That way we don't steal bandwidth from others, and it makes the image links more reliable.
  • However, Sasukepedia is not an image hosting service. Any images uploaded must be for use on Sasukepedia (e.g. do not link externally from the wiki, or to the wiki).
  • Note that pictures of unaired content are not allowed. (See: SP:DNP)

Logos, Icons, etc

Nearly all show logos are already in the wiki! Don't upload new ones unless you're certain it's not already in here, or you are updating the logo.

  • See Sasukepedia:Monster9 logos for a listing of all logos already in the wiki.
  • Use the PNG file format for icons. It allows the corners to be transparent, and doesn't mangle the colorspace like GIF does.
  • Name icons in all lowercase and according to their on-air use. See Logo List.

Link your source/copyright information

  • When uploading, select the licensing tag that best-matches where you sourced your image from. Unlicensed images are subject to speedy deletion, except those under fair-use.
  • Please add the source of an image in the summary section when uploading, or later on by visiting the image page and choosing 'edit this page'. Always give credit to the source.
  • Unofficial images should always be marked as such, especially when used in an article, and they should not take precedence over official images.


  • Name your image so it's relevant for the content it's showing. (example: Miyake Ayako.jpg)
    • Try to use spaces or have the file name match its content. (example: Yamamoto at Muscle Park.jpg)
  • Do NOT upload images using VLC's default screenshot name. (example: vlcsnap-2010-04-15-15h-23m-36s256.jpg)
    • Also, if you copy an image from another site do NOT upload those images using the number they give them. (example: 142683.jpg)

Image abandonment

There may come a time when you no longer want an image that you have uploaded for your personal user page. If this happens, please do not just remove the image from your page to be forgotten about, help keep Sasukepedia clean of these unused image by marking the ones you abandon with {{Speedydelete|Image abandoned|~~~~}}.

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