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This policy outlines what is allowed, not allowed, and required when a user creates a page for a competitor.

Posting a page including info about a competitor in an objective manner is fine, but we don't wish to encourage wikisquatters starting hundreds of competitor pages on a site meant to be mostly informative.


All competitor pages will be required to follow these specifications.


The competitor page should always be located under the main namespace on which the competitor is located using that competitor's name as it is spelled in competitions. For example, [[Nagano Makoto]].


All competitor pages must contain:

  • The {{Infobox person}} at the top of the page.
  • At least three (3) sentences in English containing useful information about the competitor,, e.g., known competitions, history of the competitor, why the competitor decided to compete, why the character joined or left various groups, training regimens, etc.


The competitor page should also be properly categorized:

  • [[Category:Competitors]] - Automatically added by {{Infobox person}} template.
  • [[Category:SASUKE Competitor]] - If a competitor in SASUKE.
  • [[Category:KUNOICHI Competitor]] - If a competitor in KUNOICHI.
  • [[Category:VIKING Competitor]] - If a competitor in VIKING.
  • [[Category:Sportsman Competitor]] - If a competitor in Sportsman.

Not allowed

Posting the following types of information will result in the competitor page being edited or deleted:

  • Biased information - The content on a Wiki is meant to be informative; this includes competitor pages. Competitor pages, like all others, should be written from a neutral point of view and must follow the Neutral Point of View Policy.
  • In general terms: don't put any material on the page that requires it to be updated frequently.


The information here is allowed and encouraged in order to create an informative competitor page:

  • A picture of the competitor.
  • The group the competitor belongs to, if any.
  • The location the competitor primarily resides.
  • Short history of the competitor.
  • Any possible blog or related website links.

This is not necessarily a complete list. We do not mind you publishing other information that is useful or interesting to others, but it illustrates the gist of it. Pages in Sasukepedia are there for the visitors!

Competitor stubs

Stubs for competitors can be created in preparation for expanding the article with more information. If you create a stub, use the {{Stub/Competitor}} tag at the top of your article. Competitor pages marked as stubs which have not been edited for 90 days will be deleted. Competitor pages are considered a stub if it does not contain the required information.

Enforcing the policy


Please remember that Sasukepedia is a place where users go to obtain information about Monster9-related content, and would rather not get spammed with useless information. Competitors are certainly a large part of the Monster9 sports entertainment shows, and can be represented here, but they must follow the proper criteria and not participate in spewing useless, biased information or wikisquatting. Your target audience is not yourself; it is people interested in Monster9's shows. All competitor pages should reflect this!

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