You sometimes see the term administrator, or admin, thrown around in discussions from time to time, but what is an admin? In the simple sense, an admin is a user with special powers over administration and management of the site. The fastest way to contact an admin is often by posting on their talk page or private messaging them on the Sasuke Maniac Forums, as they are frequently on either site throughout the days.


What administrators are

Admins have several special abilities including:

  • Protecting pages (lock them from editing or moving)
  • Deleting pages and images (remove them from the public database)
  • Deletion review and undeletion of pages
  • Suspending or banning users
  • Implementing certain policies
  • Editing protected and restricted pages
  • Creating new admins and flagging bots (bureaucrats only)

They are also empowered to break the spirit of a wiki, but only in rare cases. Being an admin is a privilege, not a right.

Note that admins are not "required" to use their powers, but when they do it is appreciated.

What they are not

Importantly, they should not generally be viewed as the leaders, or staff, of the wiki. The wiki is generally not hierarchical, and only very rarely can the title be used to win an argument. Unilateral decision-making should also be avoided as it can damage the trust that should be built up between all users of a wiki.

However, in unfortunate cases of vandalism or repeated offenses to article standards, admins may be forced to exercise their powers, set standards, or act as leaders until issues are resolved in a more community-oriented manner similar to wikis such as Wikipedia or Wikia. It is not the goal of an administrator to exercise power just because they have the power. It should be retained to help the development of the wiki and it's community.

Becoming an admin

On Sasukepedia, the number of editors is small, but growing. As a result, there are a small number of editors serving as administrators. As such, it is not often that users are asked if they wish to become admins; though users may ask to be considered for the role. However, admins need to show that they can cope with a fair bit of responsibility. To request the position of adminship, please see Sasukepedia:Requests for adminship. Before doing so, it should be noted that prospective (and incumbent) admins should be able to:

  • Stay calm, mature, and rational at all times.
  • Be able to negotiate and cope with not always getting their way.
  • Have a high standard of reasoning and communication skills.

No user has ever been demoted on Sasukepedia for inactivity.

Types of administrators

System administrator

This is the admin (also known as a sysadmin) who sets up and maintains the actual infrastructure of the wiki, such as what computer is runs on, what internet connection it uses, how things get paid for, what software is used, etc. All major decisions about Sasukepedia defer to the system administrator.

Wikia acts as our system administrator, whilst the technical system administrator role is filled by Wikia technical staff.


These are the admins (members of the "bureaucrat" wiki user group) who have all the powers of a wiki administrator, but can also create new admins, flag official wikibot accounts, and alter the group memberships of users.[1]


  • Scnoi1217 - Co-founder of Sasukepedia with Blt024, major content editor, vandalism and article cleaner, and part of the Sasuke Maniac Forums administrative staff.
  • Anshinritsumai - Spam, vandalism and "ickiness" cleaner; Policy wonk, sculpteur de sasukepedia, wiki expert, template-maker, Main page, MediaWiki, general stylist, and minor content editor.
  • Blt024 - Founder of Sasukepedia with Scnoi1217 and general content editor, and part of the Sasuke Maniac Forums administrative staff.



Wiki administrator

This is your more day-to-day admin (member of the "Sysop" wiki user group) who responds to issues in the wiki, like making special changes (page locking, blocking users, restoring deleted pages, large-scale rollbacks, importing pages, etc.).
In addition to Bureaucrats, these are the users who you should appeal to when you have a problem, and they should also help resolve disputes and enforce policies.

Most active or semi-active administrators can be reached, at least by talk page or Sasuke Maniac Forums (via private message). Activity in this case is how much said administrator makes changes to the wiki in some way, outside of certain page maintenance.


  • HairMetalLives - Spam and vandalism cleaner, self-appointed "Grammar Nazi," and general content editor.


  • None


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