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Sanrentobi (三連跳) was a First Stage obstacle in the first two KUNOICHI tournaments. The obstacle was composed of three trampolines, each of which had a balance beam supported by two posts in front of them. Competitors had to jump from the trampoline onto each balance beams to complete the obstacle.


KUNOICHI 1 Version

The first version of Sanrentobi was the hardest. The balance beam of the obstacle was thinner than that used for Tenbinbashi. To make the obstacle even harder producers set the balance beam on posts about a meter high. Many people failed to even land on the obstacle using the trampolines and many others timed out.

KUNOICHI 2 Version

The second version of Sanrentobi was only modified from it's predecessor. It remained the fifth obstacle of the First Stage (KUNOICHI) but the height of the posts supporting the top were lowered to about two-thirds of their original height. In addition the top of the balance beam competitors had to land on had increased in width making it easier to land on. While it made Sanrentobi much easier the results in KUNOICHI 2 were not much better.

KUNOICHI 4 Version

Sanrentobi in KUNOICHI 4.

Sanrentobi was moved to the Second Stage for it's third and final tournament, becoming the first obstacle in KUNOICHI's history to appeared in different stages. Like many other obstacles that have been moved to Stage Two, it was painted silver. It remained unchanged from its KUNOICHI 2 counterpart except that it took away the small yellow platform competitors jumped on once they finished the obstacle. Rather, once competitors landed on the last beam, they had to stay on it, and walk along the beam to the starting platform of the Kaiten Tsutsu. This modification caused finalist Izumi Mika to fail, and almost took out KUNOICHI Queen Miyake Ayako. The obstacle slowed down many competitors and almost caused Yamada Miho and Komiya Rie to time out, and it contributed to Oana Ban timing out.

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNIOCHI Clears Attempts Percentage
1 5
2 4 7 57.14%
4 7 8 87.50%
Total 16