Sanae Kikuta (菊田 早苗) is a mixed martial artist who attempted SASUKE three times. He first competed in SASUKE 8 and fell on the Rolling Maruta immediately. He competed in SASUKE 10 and fell from the Rolling Maruta again, but did better than he did in SASUKE 8, getting halfway through before falling. His last appearance was SASUKE 12. In this tournament, after many struggles, he cleared the Rolling Maruta that took him out in the previous two tournaments, but his 91 km frame didn't make the jump from the Ipponbashi.                                                                             


SASUKE #   Results Notes  
8 94 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage)
10 993 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage)
12 76 Failed Ipponbashi (First Stage)

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