Sam Sann is a 51 year-old gym owner who came from Cambodia, then came to America after the former went communist. In addition to competing, he helps train other American Ninja Warriors. With his partner, Karen Madaras, he recently opened "Sam Sann Warriors - All Star Ninjas", a ninja gym in the Houston, TX area. He previously owned the gym "Iron Sports Fitness".

American Ninja Warrior Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 4

He first competed on American Ninja Warrior 4. His run was cut, but it was mentioned in the next season that he went out in qualifying on the Jump Hang.

American Ninja Warrior 5

He then competed in American Ninja Warrior 5 in the Denver qualifying region. In qualifying, he breezed through the first four obstacles but suffered a leg injury after dismounting the Delta Bridge. He still managed to clear the Warped Wall on his first try and complete the qualifying course. In the Denver finals, he struggled with the Warped Wall taking him three attempts to clear it. Due to fatigue, Sam failed the very next obstacle, the Salmon Ladder. However, he was selected as a wildcard to Vegas.

On the Vegas course, Sam cleared the first obstacle easily but had a terrible jump on the Giant Cycle. Ultimately, it resulted into him face-planting onto the platform.

American Ninja Warrior 6

He returned in American Ninja Warrior 6 with vengeance and cleared the Dallas qualifying course. On the finals course, Sam destroyed his nemesis but failed the very next obstacle, the Swinging Frames. This time though, Sam qualified for the Vegas finals, finishing in the 15th spot. On the first stage, Sam cleared the first obstacle with ease. But history repeated itself as Sam couldn't get a firm grip on the Giant Cycle causing him to fall into the water.

American Ninja Warrior 7

Sam Sann at the 2015 Houston finals.

Now with the success of his gym and a large fanbase, Sam competed in American Ninja Warrior 7 at the Houston qualifying region, where he easily cleared the qualifying course and even kissed the top of the Warped Wall when he scaled it, placing 11th.

In the Houston finals, Sam put on a ferocious, and emotional run. He took a slow, steady approach to the course and completed all ten obstacles with finesse. Sam was one out of only two competitors to complete that whole finals course and automatically qualify to Vegas. At 48 years of age, Sam stood as the second oldest competitor in ANW history to complete a city finals course. He was also the only competitor in the Houston region to complete both city qualifying & finals courses. During the Houston Finals it erroneously stated that he received wild-cards the past 2 years but he actually placed 15th in the Dallas Finals meaning he did not receive a wild-card in ANW 6.

In the Vegas finals, however, Sam Sann's woes continued as he failed the second obstacle (the Propeller Bar) yet again.

American Ninja Warrior 8

Sam Sann competed in American Ninja Warrior 8 in Oklahoma Qualifying. He made it to the fourth obstacle, the Tire Swing, where he surprisingly fell on the dismount. He didn't made it to the top 30.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Sam was originally going to compete in the San Antonio qualifying of American Ninja Warrior 9, but due to recovering from a surgery to the L5 disc on his back, he waited four more weeks to compete in Denver, buying him more time to recover from his back injury. Though he still wasn't 100%, he still was able to compete on the course. Sam once again fell in qualifying, this time being the Rail Runner, but was able to make the top 30, placing 26th.

In the city finals, Sam's run was digested but it was shown that he was disqualified on the Paddle Boards for touching the center axis. He placed 26th overall at the end of the Denver finals, and ultimately missed his chance at competing in the national finals.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Sam again competed, this time in Dallas in American Ninja Warrior 10. Although his run was all cut, it was revealed that he shockingly failed the Bouncing Spider, an obstacle that he was able to get past in Denver last season.

American Ninja Warrior Results

ANW # Result Notes
5 55 Failed Giant Cycle (First Stage) Competed as Wildcard.
6 5 Failed Giant Cycle (First Stage)
7 20 Failed Propeller Bar (First Stage)
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