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Sakakibara Tetsuji (榊原 徹士) is a singer, part of the boy band Shinsengumi Rian (新選組リアン). He has competed in four SASUKE tournaments. His bandmates Mori Kohei, Kunisada Hiroya and Seki Yoshiya have also competed on SASUKE

In SASUKE 23, he failed to stick his leg to the Jumping Spider and in SASUKE 24 he failed to get enough distance and eventually went off course when he landed on the mat after the trampoline.

In the kanzen renewal of SASUKE 25, Sakakibara failed to grasp the net of the Jump Hang. He was representing Kyoto. He returned for SASUKE 26 where he was one of three known competitors to get a second chance after the Rolling Escargot was modified. In his second attempt, he finally beat the Jumping Spider but fell on the next obstacle, the Half-Pipe Attack.

In July 2020, it was announced that Sakakibara had tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently recovering.[1]


SASUKE # Result Notes
23 75 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
24 76 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) Course Out
25 51 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
26 25 Failed Half-Pipe Attack (First Stage)