Personal Life

Reika is an idol, bodybuilder, pro wrestler from Japan. She is known for being a powerful athlete.


Reika has competed on SASUKE once.

Her SASUKE appearance was at SASUKE 32. She was given #53. Reika was able to quickly make her way through the Quad Steps and the ascent of the Rolling Hill. Although, on the descent, Reika caused the barrels to spin and couldn't recover, she ended up falling into the water.


Reika has competed on KUNOICHI, 3 times.

She made her first appearance at KUNOICHI 9. She was able to quickly get through the first part of the RED Stage, But on the Fish Bone, she tried to grab one of the bars, but it flung her into the pit below.

She came back for KUNOICHI 10 where she was one of only 6 people to beat the RED Stage. Unfortunately, her run in BLUE Stage ended as she timed out on the Slide Walk.

Then, Reika made her most recent appearance at KUNOICHI 11. She once again was able to pass through the RED Stage, but once again failed the BLUE Stage. This time, at the Spider Walk.


SASUKE # Result Notes
32 53 Failed Rolling Hill (First Stage) Shown in Navi.
KUNOICHI # Result Notes
9 12 Failed Fish Bone (RED Stage)
10 7 Failed Slide Walk (BLUE Stage) Time Out.
11 48 Failed Spider Walk (BLUE Stage)
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