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SASUKE Vietnam: All-Stars Competition 2019, also known as SASUKE Vietnam: Vietnam vs. The World 4, was the fourth installment of SASUKE Vietnam's international competition. The competition premiered right after the conclusion of SASUKE Vietnam's 5th Anniversary Gala. However, unlike the first three international tournaments of SASUKE Vietnam, this tournament is a event of SASUKE Vietnam's 5th Anniversary.

Competition Format

  • Stage One
    • There were 4 heats in the stage.
    • Each heat consisted of 4 competitors (1 competitor from each team).
    • After all competitors finished their runs, the team had the fewest competitors to finish the stage would be eliminated from the competition. If there was more than 1 team had the fewest competitors to finish the stage, then the time of the finished competitors would be accumulated, the team(s) had the fastest time would advance to Stage Three.
    • Three teams had the best results would advance to Stage Three
  • Stage Three
    • The stage worked in a relay fashion (similar to Team Ninja Warrior's Relay Showdown round), with each member of the four teams would tackle a few obstacles.
    • There was no time limit to complete the stage.
    • When one competitor from the team failed on the obstacle, the next competitor would return to the starting line (or the previous obstacle which that competitor clear before failing on the next obstacle)
    • Two teams who completed the course (or made the furthest) in the fastest time would advance to the Stage Four.
  • Stage Four
    • There was only 1 heat.
    • Each team sent a competitor to compete with the other competitor
    • The competitor who reached the top of the tower in the fastest time, his respective team would be the champion of the tournament.


There were 4 teams competing in the tournament, similar to the SASUKE Vietnam: International Competition 2018, with 2 teams from Vietnam (Team Jungle and Team Fire) and 2 international teams (Team Sky and Team Sun) .The number of competitors from each team was increased from 3 to 4

Team Sky Team Jungle
  • Đào Đình Mạnh
  • Vũ Trí Mạnh
  • Lê Văn Tú
  • Nguyễn Xuân Tứ
Team Sun Team Fire

Stage One

*Note: Stage 1B was not used for the competition.


Step Slider (Nhảy Bước Bốn)
Roulette Row (Chiếc Nón Diệu Kỳ)
Spinning Log (Cầu Quay)
Jumping Spider (Người Nhện Nhảy)
Double Warped Wall (Tường Cong)


Heat 1

Team Name Result Notes
Team Sun David Campbell Clear (0:57.38)
Team Sky Simon Winge Clear (1:10.93)
Team Jungle Đào Đình Mạnh Clear (1:02.40)
Team Fire Đỗ Văn Quang Clear (0:54.35)

Heat 2

Team Name Result Notes
Team Sun Ben Polson Jumping Spider
Team Sky Jamie Rahn Clear (0:54.97)
Team Jungle Lê Văn Tú Jumping Spider Digest.
Team Fire Trần Minh Khương Spinning Log Digest.

Heat 3

Team Name Result Notes
Team Sun Le Vi Hua Clear (1:42.19)
Team Sky Chunmin Yang Jumping Spider
Team Jungle Vũ Trí Mạnh Clear (1:09.23)
Team Fire Nguyễn Doãn Thọ Clear (0:53.41)

Heat 4

Team Name Result Notes
Team Sun Perry Oosterlee Clear (1:47.69)
Team Sky Mike Needham Clear (1:09.78)
Team Jungle Nguyễn Xuân Tứ Clear (1:38.91) Digest.
Team Fire Trần Ngọc Khánh Clear (1:33.89) Digest.

Standing after Stage One

Place Team Results
1st Team Sky 3:15.68
2nd Team Fire 3:21.65
3rd Team Jungle 3:50.54
4th Team Sun 4:27.26
Eliminated from the competition: Team Sun

Stage Three


Pole Maze (Đường Zigzag)
Swing Ladder (Đu Xà Qua Sông)
Pipe Slider (Trượt Ống)
④ Pole Grasper to Hang Climbing (Vách Nghiêng)
⑤ Spider Flip (Cú Nhảy Của Nhện)
⑥ Crazy Cliffhanger (Vách Kép)
⑦ Flying Bar (Xà Bay)

10 seconds for resting between Swing Ladder and Pipe Slider


Team 1st Competitor 2nd Competitor 3rd Competitor Result Notes
Team Sky Chunmin Yang Mike Needham Jamie Rahn ⑤ Spider Flip Jamie Rahn was disqualified for touching his leg on the scaffolding while making the jump.
Team Fire Trần Ngọc Khánh Nguyễn Doãn Thọ Đỗ Văn Quang Clear
Team Jungle Vũ Trí Mạnh Nguyễn Xuân Tứ Lê Văn Tú ⑥ Crazy Cliffhanger Lê Văn Tú failed the leap transition to final ledge.
Eliminated from the competition: Team Sky

Stage Four


① Spider Climb (Leo Nhện: 7m)
② Rope Climb (Leo Dây: 17m)


Team Name Result Notes Winning Team
Team Fire Trần Minh Khương Clear (0:27.38) Team Fire
Team Jungle Đào Đình Mạnh Clear (0:28.22)
SASUKE Vietnam: All-Stars Competition 2019 champion: Team Fire