The 5th Competition, official name: SASUKE2000春 (literally SASUKE 2000 Spring), is the first tournament following Akiyama Kazuhiko's kanzenseiha. However, Akiyama did not appear due to a scheduling conflict. Future All-Star Takeda Toshihiro made his debut in this tournament.

The course underwent a modest renovation after Akiyama's kanzenseiha. In the First Stage, the Jump Hang and Soritatsu Kabe were added, eliminating many competitors and quickly earning reputations as feared obstacles. The Soritatsu Kabe has been used in every tournament since, except in SASUKE 18 (where the Great Wall took its place). Only three competitors cleared the First Stage, the fewest up to that point, and until SASUKE 19 (with 2 competitors).

In the Second Stage, a new first obstacle, the Tackle Machine pushed the previous first obstacle, the Spider Walk (which received a modification), to the second position. Only Yamamoto Shingo was able to clear the Second Stage with just 0.3 seconds remaining, the lowest fastest time ever in SASUKE history, while the other two (Takeda Toshihiro and Yamada Katsumi) went out at the Spider Walk.

The Body Prop was the only new obstacle added in the Third Stage, but unlike the Tackle Machine of the previous stage (which was only around for this tournament until it returned in SASUKE 31's First Stage as the Tackle), the Body Prop became a threat to many competitors and wasn't removed until SASUKE 18 (the first tournament after the second kanzenseiha achieved by Nagano Makoto). Yamamoto cleared this new obstacle and also defeated the Cliffhanger, which had been given an ascending gap. Yamamoto ultimately failed the Pipe Slider, marking the first time ever that nobody would attempt the Final Stage. However, Yamamoto would be the first competitor to attempt the new Final Stage in SASUKE 7.

First Stage


Maruta Nobori 丸太登り

Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太

Yureru Hashi 揺れる橋

^Jump Hang ジャンプハング

^Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁

Tarzan Rope ターザンロープ

Rope Climb ロープクライム

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle

Time Limit: 75 seconds


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
1 Teranishi Kouhei (25) Navy Instructor Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 The log fell off the track.
3 Ozeki Daisuke (22) Gas Rugby Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
6 Fukumoto Mai (17) School Gymnastics Club Member Maruta Nobori 丸太登り
8 Kiowa Kachofu (27) Navy Nurse Yureru Hashi 揺れる橋
9 Ono Toshiharu (33) Gas Station Manager Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
10 Akimoto Kōzo (33) Engineer Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁 Time Out. First to beat Jump Hang.
12 Okuhira Tadashi (31) Math Teacher Jump Hang ジャンプハング
13 Tsukamoto Eriko (19) Lacrosse Player "U-19" Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
15 Kobayashi Toshiyuki (24) Construction Worker Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
16 Matsumoto Yoshinari (34) High School Physical Education Teacher Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
21 Yamaoka Hanako (18) Charisma School Girl Maruta Nobori 丸太登り
23 Satō Shūsuke (25) Talent Jump Hang ジャンプハング
24 Kanda Tōru (28) Rescue Team Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
25 San Kimura (21) Talent Jump Hang ジャンプハング
27 Asaoka Hiroyuki (28) Elementary Teacher Jump Hang ジャンプハング
29 Ishiki Yuka (15) Y'z Factory Member Maruta Nobori 丸太登り
32 Noguchi Tatsuo (25) Teacher in ΕΝ.Ε.Ε.ΓΥ.Λ. Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
33 Yoshinaga Katsumi (24) Teacher Rope Climb ロープクライム Time Out. First to beat Soritatsu Kabe.
34 Mizuno Yutaka (27) Security Guard Jump Hang ジャンプハング Digest.
35 Shin Reiko (28) Gym Instructor Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
37 Kanari Yukio (31) Iron Craftsman Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
40 Ben Hildston (24) Australian Swimmer Jump Hang ジャンプハング
42 Miura Eiichi (31) Stepplejack Jump Hang ジャンプハング
43 Wagatsuma Kazuhiko (26) Gas Station Worker Jump Hang ジャンプハング
46 Akagi Araki (25) Professional Life Saver Jump Hang ジャンプハング
47 Watanabe Eiji (33) Trailer Driver Jump Hang ジャンプハング Digest.
48 Kameda Shinobu (29) OL Maruta Nobori 丸太登り Digest.
49 Kawahara Kiwamu (27) Enduro Lace / Racer Jump Hang ジャンプハング Digest.
51 Tatsukawa Tomihiro (35) Insurance Salesman Jump Hang ジャンプハング
52 Sasaki Yutaka (34) 5-time All Japan Sambo Champion Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
54 Itō Tadao (27) Quick Muscle National Champion Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
55 Obana Kōichi (27) Welfare Facility Instructor Jump Hang ジャンプハング Digest.
56 Obana Akira (22) Freeter Maruta Nobori 丸太登り Digest.
57 Ozawa Misato (23) Company Clerk Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
58 Shimoji Yoshito (27) Kin-Chan Theater Company Talent Jump Hang ジャンプハング Digest.
60 Suzuki Hiroyuki (19) Charisma DJ Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.


Iijima Toyohisa (24) Action Star Jump Hang ジャンプハング


Yoshizaki Hiroaki (24) Tokyo University Student Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁 Time Out.
64 Suzuki Yoshinori (45) Postman Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
65 Miyasaka Sakiko (19) Women's College of Physical Education Lacrosse Department Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
66 Nakayama Ikuo (34) Worked at Kanagawa Shimbun Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
69 Sekiya Eiichi (31) Arm Wrestling World Champion Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁 Time Out.
72 Togawa Yuuji (23) Talent Jump Hang ジャンプハング
74 Takeda Toshihiro (24) Ibi Firefighter Clear (1.08 second left)
78 Kudō Junichirō (28) Talent / One Half of the Kudō Brothers Jump Hang ジャンプハング
80 Shiratori Chikako (26) Wrestler Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
81 Iketani Naoki (26) Monster Box Champion Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁 Time Out.
82 Fukayama Tadanori (36) Professional Bodyguard Jump Hang ジャンプハング
84 Fujii Megumi (25) 1998-99 Sambo World Championship Runner-Up Jump Hang ジャンプハング
86 Ōtaka Yoshimoto (29) Orthopedic Surgeon Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
87 Itō Tetsuo (45) Orienteering History for 22 Years Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 Digest.
89 Ro En (29) Chinese Ice Hockey Player Maruta Nobori 丸太登り
90 Takei Hideki (23) JR Takayama Line conductor Maruta Nobori 丸太登り
91 Travis Allen Schroeder (26) Navy Diver Rope Climb ロープクライム Time Out.
92 Ishinriki Kōji (39) Former Wrestler / Former Professional Wrestler Jump Hang ジャンプハング
95 Kujirai Yasutoshi (32) Lifeguard Jump Hang ジャンプハング
96 Ken Yasuda (28) Bodybuilder Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太 The log fell off the track.
98 Yamamoto Shingo (25) Gas Station Manager Clear (3.14 seconds left)
99 Omori Akira (31) Comedian Jump Hang ジャンプハング
100 Yamada Katsumi (34) Ship Tank Worker Clear (1.77 second left)
76 Takahashi Kenji (23) Transportation Industry Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
59 Nagai Mitsuya (31) Professional Wrestler Jump Hang ジャンプハング
Total 100 Attempts 3 Clears

Second Stage


^Tackle Machine タックルマシン

*Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク

Goren Hammer 5連ハンマー

Gyakusō Conveyor 逆走コンベアー

Wall Lifting ウォールリフティング

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle

Time Limit: 50 Seconds


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
74 Takeda Toshihiro (24) Gifu Firefighter Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク First to beat the Tackle Machine.
98 Yamamoto Shingo (25) Gas Station Manager Clear (0.3 seconds left) First to beat the modified Spider Walk.
100 Yamada Katsumi (34) Ship Tank Worker Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク
Total 3 Attempts 1 Clear

Third Stage


Propeller Untei プロペラうんてい

^Body Prop ボディプロップ

Arm Bike アームバイク

*Cliffhanger クリフハンガー

Pipe Slider パイプスライダー

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
98 Yamamoto Shingo (25) Gas Station Manager Pipe Slider パイプスライダー Failed Jump. First to beat the Body Prop and Cliffhanger (Drop Out Section). Last Man Standing.
Total 1 Attempt 0 Clears

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