Ryan "Cloud" Cousins is a freerunner and parkour specialist from Chicago, who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He was a co-founder of Chicago parkour team "Aero", and was also previously sponsored by K-Swiss.

He has competed in the first four American Ninja Warrior tournaments. In the first season, he made an impression early, blazing through all six obstacles in 37.8 seconds, despite a bit of struggle on the Pipe Slider. He ended up placing 6th overall. In the semi-finals, his run was digested, but it was shown that he blazed through the course in 1:36.1 minutes, placing 8th overall and moving on to the finals, eliminating Gabriel Cortes. But in the finals, he struggled a lot, finishing the first stage in the second slowest time of 2:07.5 minutes. Despite clearing the second stage in a solid time of 27 seconds, he finished in 12th and did not go onto to Sasuke in Japan.

In ANW2, Ryan put up a great run in the first two rounds, blazing through both the qualifying and semi-final courses in the 6th fastest time. However, he was eliminated by Adam Laplante on the first day of Boot Camp, and did not move on to Japan, placing 15th overall.

In ANW3, he cleared the qualifying for a third straight season, finishing in 17th place. But in the finals, despite clearing the obstacle the previous season, he shockingly went down on the Salmon Ladder, and did not move on.

In ANW4, Ryan cleared the Southwest qualifier once again, placing 16th overall. Sadly, he could not continue the momentum, slipping on the Burasagari Maruta in the Southwest finals and placing 30th, not moving on.

Besides freerunning, he works as a 3D animator, and has been employed in the past by Midway Games and currently works at Nickelodeon. He is also a great Age of Empires II player and a former member of the Snow clan.

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