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Rope Maze (ロープメイズ) was a signature obstacle for VIKING, appearing at the midway point of the Second Adventure Stage of the first three VIKING tournaments. Despite its difficulty, this obstacle was removed due to the change of format in VIKING 4.

It was very grueling on the arms, eliminating over half of the number of competitors who attempted it. Competitors would have to navigate a rope through a small track over the top. The rope was anchored at the end of the track, so the rope would get longer as the obstacle progressed, forcing the competitors to climb the rope. No one was able to get past it in VIKING 1 (much like the Salmon Ladder ended SASUKE 19). However, the obstacle was cleared by four competitors in the VIKING 2, before another three more competitors cleared it in VIKING 3.

Nagano Makoto attempting Rope Maze in VIKING 2, viewed from below the obstacle

A similar premise was used for the Pole Maze, which was used as the third obstacle in the First Stage from SASUKE 18 to SASUKE 21. Instead of rope, the competitors will move a pole to traverse the obstacle.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the Fuji TV broadcast and external information found.
VIKING Clears Attempts Percentage
1 0 3 0%
2 4 8 50%
3 3 4 66.67%
Total 7 15 46.67%

American Ninja Warrior Appearance

American Ninja Warrior 5's Rope Maze in Venice Beach

The Rope Maze appeared as the eighth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 5 during Venice Beach finals, becoming the first (and so far, the only) VIKING obstacle to be used on American Ninja Warrior (since American Ninja Warrior was mostly based on SASUKE). Among the 15 competitors who attempted it, only 3 of them failed. One competitor (Jonathan Roberson) actually reached this obstacle and failed to complete it. However, since he reached the obstacle before reaching the minimum number of rungs of the Salmon Ladder, he was then credited to fail at the Salmon Ladder instead of the Rope Maze.

Although this obstacle had a higher success rate on American Ninja Warrior 5 than during three regular VIKING tournaments, just like during regular VIKING tournaments, several competitors were having difficulties while navigating the rope and spent too much time and energy on the obstacle. Also, the obstacle was preceded by the Salmon Ladder with no rest. As the result, 6 out of 12 competitors who completed the obstacle, later failed on the next obstacle (the Cliffhanger), including Brian Kretsch, Lance Pekus, Jesse La Flair, Justin Walcker, and Dan Mast.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW5 12 15 80%
Total 12 15 80%

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