The Rope Junction (ロープジャンクション) was a Third Stage obstacle that was introduced in SASUKE 24 to replace the Kudari Lamp Grasper.

The obstacle consisted of six ropes (albeit seven ropes was officially mentioned): the first, second, fourth, and fifth ropes were made shorter to limit swing movement and alternate from left to right, while the third and sixth ropes were much longer and centered. In addition, the distance between the second and the third rope is 130cm.

Competitors must cross all six ropes to make it to the landing platform (in a similar fashion with the Tarzan Rope). They were also required to use the sixth rope to drop safely down to the resting platform. The obstacle was proven to be extremely easy, as all seven competitors who attempted it, could complete it with no trouble.

American Ninja Warrior Appearance

ANW4 Rope Junction

American Ninja Warrior 4's Rope Junction in Midsouth region

The Rope Junction appeared as the fifth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 4 in Midsouth region. This time, the obstacle eliminated a fair number of competitors, including Richard King.

Other Appearances

NWUK Rope Junction

Ninja Warrior UK's Rope Junction

On Ninja Warrior UK, the Rope Junction appeared as the fifth obstacle in Heat 3. However, the number of ropes was reduced to just 3, and the obstacle was looked almost similar to the Rope Jungle.

Competitor's Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBSbroadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
24 7 7 100%
Total 7 7 100%
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