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Rope Climb (ロープクライム) was the final obstacle in First Stage from SASUKE 3 to SASUKE 17. The obstacle was almost exactly what its name implied. Competitors must climb up a rope provided from Tarzan Jump to reach the top of a platform, aided by a vertical wall to help with their foot movement, to push the red button on the top to signify a clear on First Stage.

In its debut tournament, the obstacle would feature a straight vertical wall. This would be modified right away in the following tournament with the wall being divided into two parts, the lower part having a vertical cushion for competitors to land their feet onto, and the upper part being elevated on a slight incline that competitors must climb over.

From SASUKE 10 to SASUKE 12, the rope is rested against the wall due to Tarzan Jump being replaced by Tarzan Rope. However, due to Tarzan Rope only eliminating six competitors in its lifespan, Tarzan Jump was brought back in the following tournament.

Yamamoto Shingo attempting Rope Climb in SASUKE 5

From SASUKE 3 to SASUKE 12, the wall was 5.4 metres high. Starting in SASUKE 13, the wall would have various modifications, the lower part having a thicker padding that will cushion the competitors' landing, and the upper part having a different structure compared to the past. The structure of the upper part would change in various tournaments:

  • SASUKE 13 and 14 had a trapezoidal-shaped wall with a long bamboo pole resting vertically on the middle part
  • SASUKE 15 had three bamboo poles resting on the middle part; some competitors would go beyond the side of the walls, which made it hard for them to traverse
  • SASUKE 16 had the removal of the bamboo chutes, and the side of the walls beyond the trapezoidal wall were covered up
  • SASUKE 17 had a semi-circular shaped wall replacing the trapezoidal one

However, due to Nagano Makoto's Kanzenseiha in SASUKE 17, the obstacle was replaced with Rope Ladder in SASUKE 18.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
3 13 18 72.22%
4 37 39 94.87%
5 3 5 60%
6 5 7 71.43%
7 8 11 72.73%
8 6 8 75%
9 7 7 100%
10 5 8 62.5%
11 11 12 91.67%
12 11 14 78.57%
13 10 11 90.91%
14 14 17 82.35%
15 7 10 70%
16 16 22 72.73%
17 11 14 78.57%
Total 164 202 81.18%