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American Ninja Warrior 14's Rollercoaster

The Rollercoaster is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the second obstacle in the first episode of qualifiers on American Ninja Warrior 14, and later appeared during the third qualifiers episode.

Competitors must hold on to the pipe and slide down the track, and then time their release in order to grab the second bar on the second track. Once they grab the second bar, competitors must transit the bar from the second track to a third smaller track and make the dismount.

Top view of the start of Rollercoaster

The concept of this obstacle is similar to the Double Dipper or Dragon Glider. However, unlike both obstacles, the obstacle consists of three tracks with the first track being much longer than the second and third tracks, though with lesser curvature. In addition, the design of the bar and track is drastically different in a way that the bar have stoppers attached to each ends so it can roll along down the track.

Giant Rollercoaster

Later on the same season, a variation of the Rollercoaster appeared as the third obstacle in Stage One on American Ninja Warrior 14 known as the Giant Rollercoaster, replacing the Double Dipper from the past four recent appearances.

This iteration of Rollercoaster worked similarly to its counterpart, but the tracks and the bars were much longer. In addition, the material of the wheels attached to the bars would vary per run due to some instances where the bar is unintentionally dislodged in the tracks.

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