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The Ring Slider (リングスライダー) first appeared in SASUKE 33, as the first obstacle of the Second Stage, replacing the Cross Slider.

It appears to be a variant of KUNOICHI 9's Slide Walk, except the poles are shorter, with the rings in which their feet must be placed are removed entirely, thus only relying on the competitor's upper-body.

Competitors have to slide down a wire track, but once they get to the middle, they have to lift up both of the poles over the stoppers, with similar concept from the Arm Rings, and continue to slide down to the landing pad.

While no one failed it, the obstacle was proven to be an efficient time waster and strength drainer. In its debut, 6 of the 13 competitors who attempted and completed the obstacle, later failed on next obstacles (either the Salmon Ladder Nobori or Salmon Ladder Kudari), while others like Hioki Masashi timed out later in the stage.

Due to the zero knockout rate during its lifespan, the obstacle was replaced by the Rolling Log in SASUKE 37.

Asa Kazuma attempted the Ring Slider, SASUKE 33

Other Appearances

SASUKE Ninja Warrior Mongolia

SASUKE Ninja Warrior Mongolia's Ring Slider

Battur attempted the Ring Slider, SASUKE Ninja Warrior Mongolia

On SASUKE Ninja Warrior Mongolia, the Ring Slider made its first international appearance outside of SASUKE, appearing as the first obstacle in Stage Two.

Competitors Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
33 13 13 100%
34 24 24 100%
35 8 8 100%
36 15 15 100%
Total 60 60 100%

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