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Richard King (リチャード・キング) qualified for SASUKE 23 through American Ninja Warrior, the United States' qualifying competition.

During the American qualifying round, Rich made a statement early, as he flew through the course with little struggle, even using Rick Huelga's technique of hopping the bar down the Pipe Slider to finish in 35.8 seconds, placing 4th overall and eliminating Xin Wuku. In the semi-finals, he made an incredible one-handed save on the second bar of the Jumping Bars, and placed 7th overall, eliminating Jacob Smith. And in the finals, he blew through both stages, placing 5th in the first stage and placing 3rd in the second stage, placing 5th overall in the finals to lock in a spot in Japan.

During the tournament, he performed exceptionally. Despite some minor issues on the Jumping Spider, he was one of three Americans (and the first) to clear Stage One, with 13.7 seconds left on the clock. But, his run came to an end soon after, as he struggled to gain momentum on the first plank of the new Unstable Bridge, and became one of three to go out on the obstacle, after failing to get his left hand firmly on the board during the transition. King was the first to attempt the obstacle.

He returned in SASUKE 25. Despite being sponsored by G4, he represented New Zealand, the lone representative from the Oceania region. In the competition, he drew #79 in the lottery and went out on the Log Grip in Stage One.

He attempted to qualify for SASUKE 26 through American Ninja Warrior 2. In qualifying, he continued to excel, as it was shown that he cleared the course in 13th place. In the semi-finals, he made some careless mistakes early on the Quad Steps and Cross Bridge but kept a strong pace. Despite struggle on the Salmon Ladder due to poor technique and having to push the Circle Slider down the track, he still managed to pull through and clear in 7th place. However, in Boot Camp, on the final day, he volunteered himself to face the Heavenly Ropes. This backfired, as he lost in the final challenge to Evan Dollard, placing 11th overall. An outcome that became controversial due to the fact that many believed Patrick Cusic should have climbed in Evan's place due to the fact that Patrick was one of the weaker contestants and that King would have likely beaten him on the ropes. Even though Levi Meeuwenberg was injured, King still wasn't an alternate for Japan. Instead, 12th place Adam Laplante filled his spot in the tournament.

King returned in American Ninja Warrior 4 and performed well through the first four obstacles, but he started slowly on the Rope Junction and his grip on the rope got lower and lower until he slipped off the ropes and failed. This was his final competition.


SASUKE # Result Notes
23 42 Failed Unstable Bridge (Second Stage)
25 79 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)