This is the Pro Sportsman #1 competition held in 2010. The All-Stars competed in the Monster Box Event along with several SASUKE Veterans and Olympians. During the broadcast several moments from Kinniku Banzuke were shown which included Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova and American basketball player Michael Jordan competing in Service Ace and 9 Hoops respectively.

Monster Box Event

11 Boxes

Name (Age) Result Notes
Nomura Masaki (57) Clear
Kanemura Yoshiaki (46) Clear
Iketani Yukio (39) Clear
Yakushiji Yasuei (41) Fail
Nagano Makoto (37) Clear
Takeda Toshihiro (34) Clear
Oyama Hirokazu (25) Clear Digest.
Leszek Blanik (32) Clear
Iketani Naoki (36) Clear
Wakky (37) ?? All Cut.
Yamamoto Shingo (36) Clear All Cut.
Miyashita Junichi (26) Clear Digest.
Sakakibara Tetsuji (20) ?? All Cut.
Miyazaki Daisuke (29) Clear All Cut.
Nakayama Masashi (31) Clear All Cut.
Seki Yoshiya (20) Clear All Cut.
Kouchi Kairi (24) Clear All Cut.

12 Boxes

Name (Age) Result Notes
Kanemura Yoshiaki (46) Fail All Cut. Shown on certificate.
Leszek Blanik (32) ?? All Cut.
Seki Yoshiya (20) Clear Digest.
Kouchi Kairi (24) Clear
Yamamoto Shingo (36) Clear All Cut.
Takeda Toshihiro (35) Clear All Cut.
Nagano Makoto (37) ?? All Cut.
Iketani Yukio (39) ?? All Cut.
Kunisada Hiroya (21) Clear
Tanaka Hiroyasu (27) Clear All Cut.
Iketani Naoki (36) Skipped Level
Miyazaki Daisuke (29) Skipped Level
Oyama Hirokazu (25) Skipped Level
Miyashita Junichi (26) Fail

13 Boxes

Name (Age) Result Notes
Kairi Koichi Clear
Miyazaki Daisuke (29) Skipped Level

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