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Pro Sportsman No. 1 was an annual program made by Monster9, the same company that produces series such as Kinniku Banzuke and SASUKE. It is traditionally held on New Year's Day. The last competition was held in 2010, likely because of the bankruptcy of Monster9.


Competitors take on a series of physical and mental events, where better performance is rewarded with more points. Examples of events include "Tail Impossible", a running race where the last few competitors are eliminated every lap, and "Shotgun Touch", where competitors must try to catch up to a falling volleyball. Whoever has the most points at the end of the competition wins.

In 2010, Monster9 held a "Monster Box Special" rather than the traditional format. 50 competitors were invited, including several members of Muscle Musical and three SASUKE All-Stars. Whoever could survive the Monster Box the longest was declared the winner.




Occasionally, international competitors will be invited. Notable international competitors include American decathletes Paul Terek and Bryan Clay, and Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino.


As of late, the winner has gained an automatic bid in SASUKE and are given very high numbers. In SASUKE 20, Miyazaki Daisuke (who was coming off his 2008 Sportsman victory) made his first appearance and still got #1998 (#98). Another notable SASUKE and Sportsman competitor is Kane Kosugi, the 2000 winner who also made it to the Final Stage in SASUKE 8.

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