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American Ninja Warrior 13's Pretzel Twist

The Pretzel Twist is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fifth obstacle during the third episode of qualifiers on American Ninja Warrior 13.

The obstacle consisted of three bars with pretzel-shaped handles on them, each at different angles. Initially, competitors must rotate the first handle to the left in order to unlock the bar, allowing it to swing back and forth. Then they must allow the bar to be locked into place by building up swing and momentum. Next they have to reach across to grab another handle, and get the ring off the hook, once again building up swing to lock it in. Finally, just like the first part, they must unlock the third handle and swing to the landing platform.

This obstacle was proven to be difficult, as a total of 17 competitors failed on it in the third episode of qualifying. Notable competitors that failed it in that episode included Devin Harrelson, Charity LeBlanc, Alyssa Varsalona, Todd Bourgeois, DeShawn Harris, Nico Long, and Tony Miles. However, since 29 competitors attempted it, everyone that made it to the obstacle automatically advanced to the semifinals.

In the fourth episode of qualifying, a total of 19 competitors failed the obstacle, including Allyssa Beird, Casey Rothschild, Judas Licciardello, Anthony Eardley, Chad Flexington, Luciano Acuna Jr., Austin Gray, and Abby Clark. This time, since more competitors attempted the obstacle, it became the cut-off for not only the regular top 30, but also the womens' top 5. Additionally, a total of six female competitors attempted the obstacle, with Meagan Martin being the only one to finish the obstacle.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW13 (QF EP 3) 12 29 41.38%
ANW13 (QF EP 4) 13 32 40.63%
Total 25 61 40.98%