Preston Griffall is a U.S. Olympic Luger of the U.S. Army from Salt Lake City, Utah. Preston is known for becoming the first Olympic athlete to compete in the national finals in American Ninja Warrior history.

American Ninja Warrior 6

Preston first competed in Miami City Qualifiers of American Ninja Warrior 6 where he finished the qualifying course with the 19th fastest time.

In the city finals, he once again breezed through the first six obstacles, but he failed the Salmon Ladder and did not advance to the national finals.

American Ninja Warrior 7

Preston Griffall at 2015 Military Finals - American Ninja Warrior

Preston Griffall at 2015 Military Finals - American Ninja Warrior

Preston returned to compete in American Ninja Warrior 7 in San Pedro for the special military event. His run was cut in qualifying, but he failed the I-Beam Cross, like many that day. However, he placed 16th overall and advanced to the San Pedro finals.

In the city finals, Preston got his revenge on the I-Beam Cross but he shockingly failed the Salmon Ladder again. This time around, he made the top 15 this time, placing 13th. Because of this, he became the first Olympic athlete in American Ninja Warrior history to compete in the national finals. He looked strong through most of the course on Stage One, but ultimately failed at the final obstacle, the Triple Swing.


ANW # Result Notes
7 38 Failed Triple Swing (First Stage) First Olympic Athlete to compete in Vegas in ANW history
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