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Pole Jump (ポールジャンプ), called Super Vault in English broadcasts, was the first obstacle of Third Stage in SASUKE 3 and 4. It was simply a pole with a fixed axis in a water pit that the competitors must grab onto and swing to a landing platform.

In its debut tournament, the obstacle is parallel with the overall course, with the landing platform noticeably higher than the starting platform. But in SASUKE 4, it was positioned perpendicular to the overall course, resulting in a much smaller landing, which is also now placed at the same height as the starting platform. Overshooting the platform will eliminate competitors, which happened to Satō Shūsuke, the only competitor who failed the obstacle. In his case, he was strong enough to cross the gap, but lost his balance and fell off the course.

Despite having potential to be a deadly obstacle, it was replaced indirectly by Body Prop following Akiyama Kazuhiko's Kanzenseiha in SASUKE 4.

Yamada Katsumi attempting Pole Jump in SASUKE 3

Akiyama Kazuhiko attempting modified Pole Jump

The obstacle was similar to Nirenbou, which would appear during KUNOICHI 2003 and KUNOICHI 2004's Third Stage, with the differences were the number of poles to swing onto (competitors must swing onto two poles in Nirenbou) and the gap of the pit which separated the platforms (the gap of Nirenbou was smaller than the gap of Pole Jump).

Other Appearances

SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia's Pole Jump in Semifinal Stage 1

After about 16 years hiatus since SASUKE 4, the Pole Jump returned. This time, the obstacle appeared as the first obstacle during Semifinal Stage 1 on SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
3 6 6 100%
4 10 11 90.91%
Total 16 17 94.12%