Perry Oosterlee (ペリー・オースタリー) is a veteran ninja from Netherlands who competed in various Ninja Warrior across the globe. He was invited to compete at SASUKE 32 by the director, Inui Masato, thus making his very first appearance in SASUKE, wearing 70.

He also competed on:


  • Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup placing 12th out of the 100 competitors. Only 13 people cleared all the obstacles during this competition.
  • USA vs THE WORLD placing 6th, becoming the Alternate and just not making the 1st Team Europe. During this first ever VS The World Spin Off, 12 internationals were flown over to Las Vegas to fight for the Top 5.


  • Sasuke China, also known as X-Warrior, where he is the captain of Team Netherlands to go head to head against Team China on 4-Stage course built in Jiangsu, China (Jiangsu, Shiqiu TV Studio). He managed to clear Stage 1 & 2 and fell off on the last obstacle, which is the Hang Climbing, at Stage 3. Outstanding performance since he injured his ankle during testing which took place a day before the competition. Perry also climbed Stage 4 tower (18 meters Rope Climb).
  • Competed on Dion Trigg's 1st National Ninja Competition of the UK.
  • Competed on the 1st National Ninja League. First he qualified placing 4th, where the Top 5 go through to the National Ninja League Finals. He then Cleared Stage 1 and failing the last obstacle on Stage 2. Placing 8th of all of America.




  • He return as the international competitior on SASUKE Vietnam 4 and wearing number 814. He clear Stage 1B with 53.41 seconds left, clear Stage 2 with 2:12.64 seconds. However, on Stage 3, he was disqualified on the Floating Boards due to touched the hand on the white trail of the third board.


  • He continued the journey in Vietnam with SASUKE Vietnam 5. He cleared the Stage 1B with 96.99 seconds left and won the Run of the Night award in September 16's episode. Then he cleared the Stage 2 with 16.06 seconds left.

List of competitions he competed on


SASUKE # Result Notes
32 70 Failed Lumberjack Climb (First Stage) Time Out. All Cut. Broke Ankle While Dismounting TIE Fighter.
SASUKE Vietnam 2 Falled Spider Flip (Third Stage)
SASUKE Vietnam 4 814 Falled Floating Boards (Third Stage) Disqualified due to touched the hand on the white trail of the second board.


  • He cleared the Soritatsu Kabe (Warped Wall) on 7 international formats/competitions including:
    • SASUKE ASEAN Open Cup
    • SASUKE China (X-Warrior)
    • SASUKE
    • SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia
    • Ninja Warrior NL
    • SASUKE Vietnam (Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe)
    • Ninja Warrior Russia
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