Paul Hamm is an American former Olympicrings Olympic gold medal gymnast who attempted SASUKE three times. He is the younger twin brother of fellow Olympicrings Olympic gymnast and two time SASUKE competitor, Morgan Hamm.

Paul made his first appearance in SASUKE 14, where he wore #83 and he breezed through most of the First Stage to clear with 10.42 seconds left on the clock. In the Second Stage, he made it past all of the obstacles in time, but ran through the gates at the end of the Wall Lifting obstacle instead of pressing the button. Therefore, he was disqualified.

He competed again in SASUKE 15, this time wearing #92. While he was able to clear most of the First Stage, the extreme heat caused him to lose much of his stamina and he timed out on the Soritatsu Kabe.

His final competition was in SASUKE 16. There he wore #94 and was one of sixteen people (and one of the eight consecutive people) to clear the First Stage. However, like many people he failed the Metal Spin in the Second Stage. He was able to get both hands onto the rope, but his grip gave way as the obstacle was turning and he fell into the water.

Paul was announced for American Ninja Warrior 8 and has competed in the Philadelphia qualifiers. However, his entire run was cut from broadcast despite being advertised. His run was eventually upload on the American Ninja Warrior youtube page and he made it to the fourth obstacle and failed the Wall Drop.


SASUKE # Result Notes
14 83 Failed Wall Lifting (Second Stage) Time Out, He cleared all three walls, but failed to hit the finish buzzer. He said that he thought he just had to cross the finish line.
15 92 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Time Out
16 94 Failed Metal Spin (Second Stage) Lost grip
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