Passion Yara (パッション屋良), born Yara Chobyo (屋良 朝苗), is a comedian who has competed twice on SASUKE. He first competed in SASUKE 16 wearing #10. There, he beat the new Rokudantobi but failed at the end of the Sandan Rolling Maruta.

After a four tournament break, Passion Yara returned in SASUKE 21. There he was the first to beat the Log Grip and Pole Maze that day, but ultimately failed to get his feet up to the walls of the Jumping Spider.

He's also competed in Celebrity Viking where he first vs Michael. He struggled near the beginning, but managed to beat him.


SASUKE # Result Notes
16 10 Failed Sandan Rolling Maruta (First Stage)
21 2 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
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