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Parley (パーレイ) is an obstacle on VIKING, originally introduced as the fifth obstacle in the First Marine Stage in the first two VIKING tournaments. However, due to the addition of Alphabet Parley and Island Escape, it become the sixth obstacle in VIKING 3. It again returned to its original fifth obstacle position during its appearance in VIKING 4.

It was composed of an addition problem created at random by two buttons prior to approaching the obstacle. The competitor stands on a trapdoor with the problem and a number pad in front of them and must type in their answer after solving it. Answering correctly would open the sword barrier on the other side, letting them continue. Answering incorrectly would result it the trapdoor opening, dropping the competitor in the water.

While the addition problems were relatively easy, the timer made many people rush which resulted in many failures. This was especially noted in the third VIKING competition, as the obstacle shockingly took out Nagano Makoto who had made it to Final VIKING in the previous tournament.

Technical Issues

Iinuma Seiji on Parley in VIKING 1

Akiyama Kazuhiko on modified Parley in VIKING 2

Originally, the number pad only contained the numbers 0-9, with no delete button available. However, witnessing the mistake Miyata Kazuyuki made when solving the problem (74 + 58, he already had pressed 12 before realising the correct answer is 132) but could no longer correct it anymore (so in a last-ditch effort to clear, he pressed another 2 to finish his answer as 122, which was wrong and made the trapdoor below him open, sending him down to the water), the producers decided to install a delete button in the next tournament.

Bobby Ologun correctly answering his problem in VIKING 2, but the trapdoor still opened

The mechanics of the obstacle overall could also be a problem, as proven by Bobby Ologun in VIKING 2, when he answered 98 + 72 correctly as 170, but the trapdoor ended up opening instead of the sword-gate.

VIKING 4 Version

Michael and Passion Yara attempting Parley in VIKING 4

During its VIKING 4's appearance, two sets of Parley were provided and set parallel to each other. This time, as the competitors are battling against time, if a competitor answered the problem incorrectly, a new problem was given, however, if they got the answer wrong again, the competitor was disqualified.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the Fuji TV broadcast and external information found.
VIKING Clears Attempts Percentage
1 23 27 85.19%
2 35 42 83.33%
3 26 30 86.67%