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American Ninja Warrior 13's Overpass

The Overpass is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the second obstacle during the first episode of qualifiers on American Ninja Warrior 13.

This obstacle has a similar concept to the Ring Chaser, as competitors must approach a set of three stationary laché bars. Grabbing and putting their weight on the first bar triggers the release of the "trolley bar" that will start sliding above the set of bars. Competitors must traverse the stationary bars while the trolley rolls above them, quick enough for them to make a laché to the trolley bar as it passes them. Having one bar on the stationary bar and the trolley bar on the other is not allowed. Once they have a grab on the trolley bar, it will then carry them into position to make the next move.

If they were not quick enough to reach the trolley bar, it will lock into place ahead of them. This will lead to competitors attempting a nine-foot laché to reach it. Competitors will then make a transition to a final bar, which rides down a short track and provides access to the landing pad.

During the first episode of qualifiers this obstacle was proven to be difficult as 20 competitors, including notable veterans like Barclay Stockett, Casey Suchocki, Nate Burkhalter, and Quest O'Neal, failed on the obstacle.

The obstacle later appeared in the third episode of qualifiers in the same season, once again as the second obstacle. It took out 17 competitors this time, including Jessica Helmer.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW13 (QF EP 1) 48 68 70.59%
ANW13 (QF EP 3) 51 68 75%
Total 99 136 72.79%