The Orugōru (オルゴール), also known as the Music Box or the Orgel when translated, is an obstacle that was first introduced in SASUKE 31. It is the third obstacle in the First Stage, replacing the Hedgehog.

The function of the obstacle required competitors to use their hands and feet to climb over the red circles while holding onto them as well. At the end of the obstacle, competitors must time dismount correctly, as the landing platform is a bit tricky. The obstacle moved clockwise, which makes this obstacle hard to cross over.

In the first half of the obstacle, the red circles were arranged in rows of eight that were placed around the obstacle. As the competitors went to the second part of the obstacle, the circles decreased in number, making it harder for the competitors to traverse the obstacle with the circles had a larger gap.

In SASUKE 32, the Orugōru was slightly modified so that competitors couldn't climb up to the top of the obstacle and placed as the fourth obstacle.

During the filming of the tournaments, there was no music played in the obstacle. But in the broadcast, there was music added for every time the competitors attempted the obstacle, just like in a regular music box.

Even though it has a good knockout rate, the Orugōru was replaced by the Fish Bone (from KUNOICHI) in SASUKE 33, which has since had a slightly higher knockout rate.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
31 38 43 88.37%
32 30 39 76.92%
Total 68 82 82.92%
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