Olivia Vivian is a cafe owner and former gymnast from Cottesloe, Western Australia, who firstly competed on Australian Ninja Warrior.

Australian Ninja Warrior

On Australian Ninja Warrior, Olivia made all the way to the Warped Wall in her heat (Heat 2). However, she couldn't scale it after three attempts, and her performance wasn't good enough to qualify to the semifinals.

Australian Ninja Warrior 2

On Australian Ninja Warrior 2, Olivia competed along with her boyfriend and fellow competitor, Ben Polson. Prior to competing on this season, she had trained relentlessly on obstacle courses (particularly on the Warped Wall), including participating on ninja competitions across the United States and Australia. Those preparation paid off for her, as in her heat (Heat 1), she was able to scale the Warped Wall and complete the qualifying heat course, becoming the first woman ever to do so and the second woman to scale the Warped Wall on Australian Ninja Warrior. In her semifinal (Semifinal 1), she made all the way to the eighth obstacle (the Hourglass to Tramp to Rope) and finished in sixth place, becoming the first woman ever in Australian Ninja Warrior history to qualify to the grand final. During the grand final, she had a great run in Stage One, but one wrong move on the seventh obstacle (the Rumbling Dice) ended her run.

Interestingly, every time she faced the Warped Wall on this season, she completed it by back-flipping after reaching the top of the obstacle, the same technique that Jake Murray did during American Ninja Warrior 8's Indianapolis finals

Australian Ninja Warrior 3

She returned for her 3rd time in Australian Ninja Warrior 3. She competed in Heat 3, and like the previous season, she hit the buzzer. Then she was the first woman competitor to complete the Semifinal's course, cleared the Semifinal 3 with the time 6 minutes and 47 seconds. Unfortunately, in Grand Final Stage 1, one wrong move on the eighth obstacle, the Spider Jump, ended her season, thus missed the chance for a shot to Stage 2 for the second time.

SASUKE Vietnam 4

After competing on Australian Ninja Warrior 2, Olivia (along with his boyfriend Ben Polson and fellow Australian competitor Fred Dorrington) flew to Vietnam to compete on SASUKE Vietnam 4.

In Stage 1B, she fell early on the Hedgehog, but was given a wildcard to advance. Then, she completed Stage 2 with the time of 4:16.06 seconds, becoming the first female competitor to do so on SASUKE Vietnam. Finally, in Stage 3, she fell on the Hang Climbing.

Since she made the furthest than any other female competitor on that season, she earned the title of Miss SASUKE of the season and won the cash prize of VND 4,000,000.

American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. The World 5

Olivia was chosen to represent Team Australia on American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. The World 5, along with her boyfriend Ben Polson and fellow competitors Ashlin Herbert, Bryson Klein, and Jack Wilson.

She competed in Heat 2 of Stage Two against Iris Matamoros from Team Europe and Jesse Labreck from Team USA. Olivia went up first and shockingly failed on the first obstacle, the Epic Catch & Release, when she missed at the dismount, due to not generating enough swing. And since both Iris and Jesse made it farther, she did not earn any points for Team Australia.

Despite her slip-up, Team Australia's overall performance during the tournament was strong enough, as they finished as the runner-up of the tournament, after losing to Team USA in the Stage Four climb-off. In Heat 2 before she ran the course it was said that she was the "Kacy Catanzaro of Australian Ninja Warrior", which is part correct and part incorrect. Like Kacy, she is the first woman to hit a buzzer and the first to qualify for the national finals (the Grand Final in Australia) but Olivia is the second woman to make it up the warped wall, with Kacy being the first and not the second.


Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior 2

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