Ogasawara Wataru
Ogasawara, SASUKE 22
Biographical Info
Born March 3, 1973
Age 47
Job TBS Announcer
As an announcer
SASUKE Announcer
1st Chair SASUKE 22 - SASUKE 23, SASUKE 26
2nd Chair SASUKE 14 - SASUKE 21, SASUKE 24, SASUKE 27
Total 13 competitions
KUNOICHI Announcer
Total 2 competitions

Ogasawara Wataru (小笠原 亘) became SASUKE's main announcer when Hatsuta Keisuke left after SASUKE 21. He replaced Komada Kengo as the #2 announcer for SASUKE 14. Ogasawara became the main announcer when Hatsuta Keisuke was absent from SASUKE 22 and SASUKE 23. He moved to announcer number #2 when Hatsuta Keisuke returned in SASUKE 24. Ogasawara was unable to announce SASUKE 25 for unknown reasons, most likely due to a schedule conflict. Ogasawara returned to announce SASUKE 26 and SASUKE 27 however.

Of the many translation errors that G4 has made while dubbing Ninja Warrior, arguably the most egregious involves Ogasawara. In SASUKE 23, G4 gave Ogasawara's name for competitor #51 -- Kinoshita Takayuki. Ogasawara had just replaced Satō Fumiyasu as announcer, who called the first half of Stage One.

An interesting coincidence has involved Ogasawara since his debut. Yamada Katsumi has failed the First Stage 12 times in a row, each time with Ogasawara's presence.

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