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Ogasawara Wataru
Ogasawara, SASUKE 22
Biographical Info
Born March 3, 1973
Age 48
Job TBS Announcer
As an announcer
SASUKE Announcer
1st Chair SASUKE 22 - SASUKE 23, SASUKE 26
2nd Chair SASUKE 14 - SASUKE 21, SASUKE 24, SASUKE 27, SASUKE 37
Total 14 competitions
KUNOICHI Announcer
Total 2 competitions

Ogasawara Wataru (小笠原 亘) became SASUKE's main announcer when Hatsuta Keisuke left after SASUKE 21. He replaced Komada Kengo as the #2 announcer for SASUKE 14. Ogasawara became the main announcer when Hatsuta Keisuke was absent from SASUKE 22 and SASUKE 23. He moved to announcer number #2 when Hatsuta Keisuke returned in SASUKE 24. Ogasawara was unable to announce SASUKE 25 for unknown reasons, most likely due to a schedule conflict. Ogasawara returned to announce SASUKE 26 and SASUKE 27, the latter which would be his last tournament as an announcer for SASUKE before an eight-year hiatus. He was replaced by Ishii Tomohiro in the following tournament. He returned in SASUKE 37 as the #2 announcer after Sugiyama Shinya moved to the #1 spot.

Of the many, many translation errors that G4 has made while dubbing Ninja Warrior, arguably the most egregious involves Ogasawara. In SASUKE 23, G4 gave Ogasawara's name for competitor #51 -- Kinoshita Takayuki. Ogasawara had just replaced Satō Fumiyasu as announcer, who called the first half of the First Stage.