Nomura Masaki (野村 将希) is an actor who has attempted SASUKE on ten different occasions. Although he is continuously invited back by TBS, Nomura has only once made it past the midway point of the first stage.


SASUKE # Result Notes
14 20 Failed Cross Bridge (First Stage)
15 51 Failed Sandan Rolling Maruta (First Stage)
16 31 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
17 35 Failed Cross Bridge (First Stage) Time out. Cleared the obstacle just after time expired.
18 12 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)
20 1931 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)
21 29 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
22 Failed Log Grip (First Stage) All Cut.
26 45 Failed Hazard Swing (First Stage) Digested.
27?? ?? Failed Rolling Escargot (First Stage) All Cut.
Sportsman # Result Notes
2010 Failed 15th level


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