Nika Muckelroy Moyer is a Metallurgical Engineer from Houston, TX who first competed in Denver on American Ninja Warrior 5.

American Ninja Warrior

In American Ninja Warrior 5, Nika became the first woman to get to the sixth obstacle on a qualifying course. But due to fatigue, she wasn't able to clear the Warped Wall. She competed in Las Vegas as a wildcard but wasn't able to get a good jump on the Giant Cycle and failed. In American Ninja Warrior 6, she competed in Dallas and was expected to become the first woman to complete a qualifying course. Tragically, she got tripped up at the dangerous Tilting Table and injured her shoulder. She has not returned to American Ninja Warrior since.

Personal Life

Nika eventually married fellow competitor, Connor Moyer. In season 6, he avoided the same fate as her by not just completing the qualifying course, but eventually making it to Stage 1 in the Vegas finals.


  • Nika was the first woman to get to the sixth obstacle, the Warped Wall in the qualifying course, as well as the first woman to get to the sixth obstacle in the history of American Ninja Warrior. At the time, it was the furthest a woman had ever gotten on the American Ninja Warrior course.
    • Jessie Graff matched that feat later on in the season when she got to the sixth obstacle at the Venice finals. Neither one scaled the wall.
    • Kacy Catanzaro would later top that feat by scaling the Warped Wall and becoming the first woman to ever complete a city qualifying course at the Dallas qualifiers on American Ninja Warrior 6. Ironically, it happened on the same night of Nika's shoulder injury.
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