Nguyễn Phước Huynh is the first international competitior was winner MediaCorp Subaru Car Challenge 2015 in Singapore. He is one of the three competitiors (with David Campbell and Lê Văn Thực) as the Kanzenseiha on SASUKE Vietnam 2.

On SASUKE Vietnam, he falled Cliffhanger Kai on the first ledge.

On SASUKE Vietnam 2, he completed the Final Stage with 29.36 seconds. He was the first Vietnamese competitor to achieve kanzenseiha. However, become David Campbell and Lê Văn Thực was faster than him, Huynh wasn't get VND 800.000.000.

On SASUKE Vietnam 3, he falled the Giant Swing, become the second total victory (with Lê Văn Thực) falled Stage 1.

On SASUKE Vietnam 4, he clear First Stage and won Run of the Night award. He fell on the Roulette Row on SASUKE Vietnam 4.


SASUKE Vietnam Results Note
SASUKE Vietnam Falled Cliffhanger (Stage 3) Falled on the first ledge
SASUKE Vietnam 2 Kanzenseiha (29,36s) First Vietnamese competitor to achieve kanzenseiha
SASUKE Vietnam 3 Falled Giant Swing (Stage 1B)
SASUKE Vietnam 4 Falled Roulette Row (Stage 2)
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