Nguyễn Doãn Thọ (グエン・ドアン・トー ) is a Buddha statue maker in Ha Noi. He is the first SASUKE Vietnam Representative on SASUKE 36.

SASUKE Vietnam 2

On Stage 1B, he falled the Giant Swing when he failed to reach the bar.

SASUKE Vietnam 3

He was return on SASUKE Vietnam 3. However, his season ended on Stage 1.

SASUKE Vietnam 4

He was return on SASUKE Vietnam 4 and wore number 93. He clear the Stage 1A with 55.98 seconds left, clear the Stage 2 with 1:47.52. Hovewer, on Stage 3, he falled on the Crazy Cliffhanger when he failed the transtion from the third to fourth ledge.


He return on SASUKE 36 as the SASUKE Vietnam Representative and wore number 90. Hovewer, he was falled on Soritatsu Kabe when the time is out.


SASUKE Vietnam

Competition Result Note
SASUKE Vietnam 2 Falled Giant Swing (Stage 1B) He failed to reach the bar.
SASUKE Vietnam 3 Falled ? (Stage 1)
SASUKE Vietnam 4 Falled Crazy Cliffhanger (Stage 3) Transition to the final ledge.


SASUKE # Result Notes
36 90 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Timed Out
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