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Nguyễn Đức Thọ (born 1988) is a teacher who has competed SASUKE Vietnam since the first season.

SASUKE Vietnam 1

On that season, he did very well, cleared the Stage 1B with the 4th fastest time, and then became only one of 9 clears of Stage 2 with 49,47 seconds left. He failed short on the third ledge of Cliffhanger Kai.

SASUKE Vietnam 2

Repeat the progress of the previous season, he cleared the Stage 1A with the 2nd fastest time, and then Stage 2 with 44,11 seconds left. However, history was repeated, he lost his grip at the third ledge of Cliffhanger Kai.

SASUKE Vietnam 3

He was only one of 10 competitors cleared Stage 1B that day, with 30,98 seconds left. Then, he cleared the Stage 2 with the fastest time (1 minute and 11,69 seconds), earned VND 5,000,000. On Stage 3, like many that day, he failed Hang Climbing.

SASUKE Vietnam 4

He returned to the Stage 3 for the fourth consecutive time, with Run of the Night award on both Stage One and Stage Two.  However, history was repeated, he failed Hang Climbing.

He didn't compete on the fifth season.