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Net Bridge (ネットブリッジ) is an obstacle introduced into Second Stage as part of the renewal after Nagano Makoto's Kanzenseiha, debuted as the fourth obstacle. Competitors must cross a 4.5 meter gap by climbing across a cargo net to reach the next platform. To add a bit of difficulty, said platform was placed close to the highest point of the obstacle, forcing competitors to climb diagonally as opposed to just horizontally.

It could be considered a cousin of Rope Ladder which was introduced in the same tournament, as both obstacle required competitors to cross a cargo net to get from beginning to end, with Rope Ladder being traversed vertically, while Net Bridge had to be traversed horizontally, albeit the additional climb required. Designed as a time waster, all three competitors that attempted this obstacle clear it easily and consequently, the remainder of Second Stage with over ten seconds remaining, causing it to be replaced by Skywalk in the following tournament.

Nagano Makoto attempting Net Bridge in SASUKE 18

The height of the finish platform compared to the height of the obstacle

The idea of traversing a net horizontally would return on Jump Hang Kai, which appeared from SASUKE 28 to SASUKE 31, as well as American Ninja Warrior 5, and SASUKE Vietnam 4, with the difference being there are two nets placed instead of one.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
18 3 3 100%
Total 3 3 100%