The Net Bridge (ネットブリッジ) is an obstacle introduced into the Second Stage with the redesign of the course after Nagano Makoto's kanzenseiha. Debuted as the fourth obstacle, competitors must cross a 4.5 m gap by climbing across a cargo net to reach the next platform.

The name of this obstacle was misleading, as no balance was required to clear the obstacle.

A very simple obstacle, more designed to be a time waster, it was removed after one tournament and replaced with the Skywalk in SASUKE 19 (however, the Skywalk was unattempted due to the last two competitors in that tournament were eliminated at the Salmon Ladder, and was replaced with the Swing Ladder in SASUKE 20).

From SASUKE 28 to SASUKE 31, and then on American Ninja Warrior 5 and SASUKE Vietnam 4, the design of the nets for the Jump Hang Kai were similar to this obstacle (since competitors must traverse the nets to reach the other side).

Competitor's Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
18 3 3 100%
Total 3 3 100%
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