Nathaniel Spencer was a competitor who competed in American Ninja Warrior 4. In qualifiers, he got to the warped wall but was unfortunately not able to get up it. Despite this, he placed 26th and moved on. In the semi-finals, he was able to clear the Warped Wall and was eventually able to clear with the 3rd slowest time, placing 12th. In Vegas, he had a smooth run leading up to the Warped Wall where it took him 4 attempts to get up. He only had 10 seconds leading up to the Rope Ladder, but he just barely was able to clear the first stage with 00:00.00 seconds left, being the first and only person in American Ninja Warrior history to have done so. Due to being the slowest on the first stage, Nathaniel ran first but possibly not seeing any competitors take on the obstacles before him, he failed on the Double Salmon Ladder which ended his season.

ANW # Result Note
4 Failed Double Salmon Ladder
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