Natalie Strasser was a gymnastics instructor and former NCAA Division I gymnast who has competed on two seasons of American Ninja Warrior.

American Ninja Warrior 3

Natalie first competed on American Ninja Warrior 3. She showed good speed and skill through the first three obstacles, but had too much speed going into the Jump Hang and got shot forward by the trampoline. She managed to get her hands on the net, but could not hold on and flipped into the water.

American Ninja Warrior 4

She returned to compete in the Southwest region in American Ninja Warrior 4, after recently recovering from a parkour accident that severely broke her nose. She managed to clear the Quad Steps, but did not have a firm grip on the Log Grip and slipped off. However, she was lucky enough to be wildcarded to Vegas, being one of just four women to compete. Much like in qualifying, she managed to clear the first obstacle but slipped off the second obstacle (the Rolling Log) for the second time. Coincidentally, both obstacles were log-themed obstacles.

Also of note, Natalie is just the second competitor in ANW history to have a birthday on the same day one ran the course, as her birthday took place during the Southwest qualifiers. Before her, Cheetah Platt has his birthday on the same day he ran on American Ninja Warrior 2, and later, Daniel Gil, Halei Jo Fuller, and Brett Sims would all have their birthdays while running the course.

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